Anyone know how to reach senior management?


You can't contact them directly. Instead you get the run around from pretty much anyone you contact by phone. I've had to post on a few forums here just to get messages sent back instead of phone calls. I've been a member for 25+ years and that ends VERY soon due to lack of compassion by USAA and their declining customer service. They used to be top notch, not the case anymore. The almighty dollar is charge of USAA now and not the commitment to those who have served as they keep advertising. I thought I'd be with USAA for life, NOPE!

@Zapain, I'm sorry to learn that you plan to leave USAA after 25+ years due to declining service. I can see that your concerns were previously elevated and assigned to a business expert. We'll be conducting a follow-up with you after thoroughly researching your grievances. Thank you for your patience. ~DC