I recently had the fortune/misfortune to have a opportunity to upgrade from a Tacoma to a Tundra. Having used USAA for a loan in the past and being quite happy with that I chose to do it again.

I'd been searching around for a used Tundra for a while but hadn't found anything that really got me excited. After having been approved I decided to look at USAA's certified dealers and almost immediately a Tundra caught my eye. It had everything i was looking for and after test driving it I knew I wanted it: signed, sealed & delivered.

Delivered that is until one month goes by and no plates, but I figure no big deal I've still got another month on the dealer plate &I know these things take time. After two more weeks tho & no plates I'm getting nervous so I called the dealership and left a msg. After a few days & still no call back I try again, this time the number is disconnected. Check the website says they're closed! I called the county tax office, they've got nothing. USAA advises me they also didn't get any paperwork from the dealer as they should have, beyond what was needed to cash their check!
I drove into the nearest regional office for the DMV, 1.5 hours away in Austin to start the "bonded titletitle" process I was told I'd need to get plates for the car only to find out there was still a lein on the vehicle, tho it wasn't stolen.

So now I have two choices, find the lein holder & get them to release it or wait out the statute of limitations which is up a month beyond the dealer's temp plate. Meaning I'd also have to get a temp permit plate to drive during that time...

The moral of the story is USAA's certified dealer program is a bunch of bullsh!t!!


Dear Jo E,

I can only imagine the stress this situation is causing you! I have escalated your concerns and would like the opportunity to get a member service specialist in touch so that they can review your situation.

Thank you for posting.
I'd recently posted about the horrible experience I've had going thru USAA's certified car dealer program and wanted to give an update: for those that don't know when you buy a vehicle and the dealer doesn't have/transfer the title as they're supposed to the process to remedy this is long and painful. 1st I've had to take time off from work, 2 days so far to go to the regional DMV office and start the bonded title process only to find that I (luckilyluckily?) had to wait 10years from the issue if the original title. Lucky being that it would be up in a month. Now that I've done that I have to get a surety bond... That's going to cost another 250 dollars. 250 to

Hi Jo, E,

Thank you for keeping us updated, I am sorry your update isn't happier news. I will make sure the details you provided are sent to the correct department for review. Thanks again for posting.