Horrible cutomer service with auto insurance

I started a claim on my auto insurance on 11/18/2017. A tree fell on my car and damaged it. When I filed the claim I received one phone call from my adjuster regarding the beginnings of how my claim would work.i then received a phone call from someone in a separate photo claims company , after taking all my own pictures and emailing them it was destined that my vehicle was a "total loss"....after this point I have received a couple of emails of their lowball offer on what they say the "cash value " of my car is not the actual value .. I have not received a phone call since my car was labeled a total loss. After countless voice mails left with their total loss dept and many emails requesting a phone call from someone who could help me. I am going on four months now on this claim and can't seem to get help...definetly considering switching my insurance, banking, and etc to a more reliable company


Hi Chris@83, I'm truly sorry to hear that this is the experience you are having with your total loss claim. I want to see what I can do to help get the communication about this claim back on track. I was able to locate your claim and I will reach out to the claim service manager regarding the lack of communication. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to review your claim and reach out to you to resolve the total loss settlement.