I have decided I will NOT open any accounts with USAA. It hurt me to the core, when I just asked for an insurance quote, as I had just started to think about moving my products to USAA, such as banking and home insurance. I have two vehicles, a 2013 Chevy Cruze and my husband's car a 2010 Toyota Venza. We were currently being quoted $1250  a year for both cars as they are lean held for a full comp quote. USAA quoted me $3000.....I KID YOU NOT! We don't have a BMW, Mercedes or even a high-end car that would warrant such a quote like this!!! Did I ask them why? We had no accidents for the past 3/4 years or anything that would warrant such an outlandish quote. I asked if it was my credit and they preceded to tell me it is not when I found out it is!!. I explained to them that my husband had a stroke and the past several months our credit took a hit and I want an audit as to why this is so disgustingly high? To date, I have not heard anything back from USAA.  Shame on USAA for this! I am a disabled veteran who is also fighting for my compensation and this is not indicative to who we are as to 50-year-old veterans with a good driving record, no liens, or bankruptcy's, with the given medical plight of my husband!!!  This is not the way you treat veterans USAA!


Hello @qbevonne thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. I regret to hear of your disappointment in regards to the rates you were provided, as it's never our intent to make our members feel this way. We do base part of a rate based upon an insurance credit score and not the whole report. If you have any extenuating circumstances you can write them in and an underwriter can review this for you. Please send us a private message so we can help go over this process with you. I will forward your feedback to our business team, as we always look for ways to improve and serve our members better in the future. - Ralph