So my claim adjuster basically stuck me with a rental car bill. My car was finally finished late Friday and I wasn’t able to pick it up until late Saturday due to work and Enterprise was closed. I had to work in Wrightsville early Sunday so I took off after I got my car. When I returned this morning(Tuesday) I returned the rental car I’ve had for 3 weeks. That’s when they tell me I owe for 3 days!!! How!!! Dealing with my work schedule it was no way I was able to return it Friday!! This is so inconvenient and is causing me to have more bills than I need! Thanks a lot USAA for notifying me about this prior to!! Not only that, my adjuster is acting as if she can’t spare me a day or two even though my policy states I’m supported up to a month!!


@BJ17, I am sorry to hear of your experiences with your auto claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to the claims service manager to review and reach out to you. Thank you.