Home and Auto

Wow, After the CEO and Board decided to skip out on the Tucker Carlson show I shopped my insurances. Both will be moving on 16 Aug and I save $1,000.00. Mortgage will move in Oct when the Refi closes with another bank.



Thanks Board of Directors, your silence made me look at competitors and now I see that USAA stands for profit off of Vets.

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I'm interested in knowing which Insurance Company you found that would save you $1,000.  I can't find any.


the hartford group, for home and auto

You're two threads seem to diecrtly contradict each other.  On this one, you seem to be mad that they are NOT advertising on the show, while on the other thread you seem to be mad that they are.



Sorry if that was confusing, but the fact that member money was spent to advertise on Fox which is a polital activist corporation made me leave.