Hit in CO by stolen car. Full collision and comprehensive from USAA, but have $7k in diminished value.

We insure our home and two cars through USAA and my wife has had a policy with them for over 20 years.

That long term loyalty makes how USAA is handling our current situation even more upsetting.

In the spring of 2017, I was in my car crawling towards a red light in downtown Boulder when I was struck by a Honda tearing through the alley.

The car, it later turns out, had just been stolen. After escaping the driver of the Jeep behind me who had seen the accident and chased after, the stolen car was apparently abandoned.

Fast forward through filing the police report, having my car towed to the shop, and waiting weeks for the repairs to be completed until I finally got my car back.

Although we don’t have Underinsured Driver coverage, there are two reasons USAA still covered it:

- First, uninsured motorist coverage isn’t legally allowed to be used for hit-and-run accidents in Colorado.

- Second, we really have no idea whether the driver has insurance. I saw a glimpse of him, but have no idea who he is or who insures him. (And obviously the owner of the stolen car isn’t on the hook.)

As a result, USAA covered the repairs under our collision and comprensive policy.

So far so good!

Unfortunately, now that we want to sell the car, we’re being told that because it was in a “major accident” (where I was going 5 mph and the car that him me was doing maybe 20), it’s only worth $14-$15k rather than $22-23k.

When I ask USAA about filing a diminished value claim (we’re well within the two-year limit set by Colorado), I’m told there’s nothing they can do because we don’t have uninsured motorist coverage... the EXACT coverage that by law we could not use for this situation in Colorado.

I’m beyond frustrated that the lovely car we still own $22k on is apparently only worth $15k because USAA won’t do the right thing and recognize that reputible buyers just won’t buy a car with a CarFax report that says, “major accident” no matter who was at fault, the actual extent of the damage, or how well the repairs were done.

In my mind, this is the sort of thing insurance is supposed to protect me from.

Very disappointed in USAA.


Hello @heyrich, thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under happier circumstances. Based on your comments about an on-going claims matter, I have contacted our business experts at USAA and asked that they contact you personally to see how they can help bring this matter to a resolution. ~Nekeysha