To whom it may concern,


I have been a USAA member since joining the military 8 years ago and currently hold multiple accounts with USAA including Car/Renters Insurance,checking, investments..etc.. I was involved in a hit and run while I was on vacation. An individual at my apartment complex backed into my car and drove off without leaving a note. I had already been holding off on a claim from before my vacation. I now have to pay two deductibles to get the work done. I do not see how if I follow the rules, its no fault and the situation is out of my hand I still have to pay the deductible. I do not consider this fair for someone who has been a loyal customer of USAA to not have the deductible waived at least this one time.




I recently addressed your concern as you posted on Facebook the same question.  You will need to talk with your adjuster who'll be able to review your policy coverage and advise further.  I have sent notification to your adjuster requesting they call you back within one business day.

Not sure where two deductibles come from in your comment but as a former insurance adjuster I can tell you that an insurance company generally will waive the deductible IF they can identify the other party and have some reasonable chance of recovering those funds from the party at fault.  The deductible waiver is not a "right" as a long time customer or because one was not "at fault".  If insurance waived all the "not my fault" accidents, all our rates would probably double.

USAA does not care about its long term members, whom it rewards with disrespect, nonresponse, censorship, and other offenses. 

Yes, even if you do everything right and report the individual that hit your car you have to meet "the criterias" for the deductible to be waive. Of note, this "criteria" sounds almost impossible to fulfill as the other party has to accept the charges. Therefore, if the other parties insurance says no then we end up paying for the "collision" coverage deductible which is higer than the "uninsured motor vehicleist" policy. Absolutely unbelievable. Therefore, reporting that someone hit your car without an identifer actually would have saved me more money.