Hi, @CaptKayos. That's great! Obviously we're sad to see you go but understand your position. Were we able to review with you prior to switching? ~ Steven

Smart move leaving USAA.  What has been done to USAA is a disgrace.

Does the $2200 savings include the end of year refund and addition to Subscribers Savings Account?

I unfortunately have been a member
Since 1998. I recently did the same thing cutting Car insurance. I couldn’t save as much on homeowners. I loved USAA but I think serious leadership mistakes have though spending our savings on Super Bowl ads was a wise investment. I am loyal but not to my own demise. USAA for life ads maybe false advertising at this point.

I researched homeowners insurance, switched and saved $1,500.  For the past four years USAA increased my rates by 50% each year.  Loyalty is my downfall still after 20 years of service, each year getting worse, I couldn't take it anymore.

@AFAMMO- Hi, rising rates are never fun. 50% increases annually do seem high, were you able to review with us to see what was impacting the premium? We certainly appreciate your membership and are always willing to review and compare our policy with any competitor's. We'll be here to review or quote with you if you need us, we can chat online at USAA.com>Contact Us>Ask USAA or over the phone at 800-531-8722. ~Shawna