USAA has been more than disappointing in recent years! I’ve been with them since 2005 and they used to have the lowest insurance rates. I recently switched car insurance to Geico and saved $1400 a year!! Switched home insurance to State Farm and save $1,000 a year. Those numbers are hard to believe but very true! USAA has turned into a money hungry business that’s good at marketing and using our service members and veterans. Very sad to see, they used to take care of us


I am sadden to hear this @Whitaker as we never want any member to leave the USAA family. Before you left were we able to conduct a rate review to ensure that all the savings and discounts we have to offer were on your account? - Ralph 

Smart move leaving USAA.  USAA's main goal now is to enrich it's upper management as you can clearly see by their now non-competitive insurance rates.  What has been done to USAA is a disgrace.

I understand your position, @Whitaker. I do appreciate your membership and I'm very sad your no longer with us. But I understand how important premium. Please know, we constantly evaluate competitiveness, member feedback, and emerging trends. Competitiveness is a major focus for us at this time, while still providing the best in service and claims experiences in the industry. We welcome you to connect with us in the future to see if we can provide any potential savings opportunities. Please, feel free to connect with us via chat on or by dialing 800-531-8722. ~Marie

"Competitiveness is a major focus for us at this time,..."  In order for USAA to revert back to the company it once was, the entire leadership will need to be replaced.  But, that will never happen as USAA's main focus now is to enrich it's leadership and these people will never give up their incomes.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.

As a 30+ year member I couldn't agree more! USAA has been steadily going in the wrong direction for its members: from car insurance to the home and then finally be selling off their investment managment. So sad. It used to be the best at everything now its a shell of what it used to be. The only positive is its banking and credit card but even there; beware with the credit card support they tend to almost always side with the vendors... 

I miss the olden days and sadly do not understand why this has happend. 

@CaponordThis is absolutely not the service you deserve, and I regret the frustration and inconvenience this has created for you. I have sent your feedback to our team to review for improvements on our services. If you need further assistance, please let us know. - Ben 

I started a go fund me page to put a counter super bowl ad saying USAA for life is what us members used to believe. Then USAA jacked prices and screwed all their military members. It would be more honest than the ads USAA funds now.

@Tim336, we never want to lose any of our members and your feedback is important to us. I am escalating your message and concerns to an expert from this area for review and assistance. While I cannot provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. ~ Joseph

Just worked with Allstate yesterday and between auto (3 Cars) and Home Owners (same coverage I had with USAA) I'm saving almost $2,200 per year. This is amazing and I would recommend researching and switching.