The USAA connect with Hertz rental car is not working. Twice when I've booked Hertz from the USAA site with the code provided, they have ignored the reservation. The end result is I'm charged the pre-pay from Hertz and not given the rate or car guaranteed in the emailed invoice. Apparently Hertz rental car service is not capable of making an honest transaction and I won't do business with them. I am more than a little concerned that this sort of customer service is tolerated by USAA. I paid in advance. Was charged twice at separate rates, and not given the features requested in the vehicle. Shame on USAA for putting up with this. In addition the offending Hertz location charged me 6 times in a row for the gas deposit. They did this while claiming to reverse the charge. Hertz location to avoid - Hertz 901 Convention Center Blvd New Orleans, LA 70130 Also avoid the USAA rental site.


Dear Fletch711,

I am so sorry to hear about the poor experience you had renting with Hertz through USAA. We would appreciate if you send us additional feedback and details here. I have escalated the message here to the correct department but look forward to hearing from you further so this sort of thing does not happen again. Thank you.

In searching the USAA site to locate the Hertz CDP # I came across your post. What a horrible experience. What has been the final outcome or response from USAA? I've used AAA CDP # for years with no problems in several different locations including New Orleans. Your experience makes me unwilling to try using a USAA discount...I DO NOT like unpleasant surprises at the ticket counter. Unfortunately, all of the negative posts I've read concerning bad experiences don't have a follow up from USAA giving any hint of solution and ultimate satisfaction from the USAA member.


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