Let me start at the top.  We needed to rent a car, but we did not have a credit card.  We called Hertz, 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, and they ASSURED US that all we needed was to bring a debit card that drew from our bank account, the itinerary for the travel, and two forms of ID.  We said okay, and took care of everything online.  Our car was reserved, and we were told that all we had to do was come to Hertz after our flight with paperwork in hand.
Please, do not believe this.  We were denied on the spot.  They did not even check our credit, which is pretty good!  We found out that Hertz CANNOT rent cars with a DEBIT CARD AT ALL, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY IS IN YOUR ACCOUNT, OR HOW GOOD YOUR CREDIT IS! EVEN THOUGH THEY SPOKE IN A CONFERENCE CALL WITH THE BANK, WHO ASSURED THEM THAT THEY COULD GO AHEAD, THAT THERE WAS PLENTY OF MONEY IN THE BANK.  We were told that they could not do it because they could only swipe cards, and that they had no way of entering data manually, and that they have no chip machines.
We returned to the airport, and another company took us in and allowed us to rent from problem at all, and for less. (Dollar).  I felt that Hertz should not have lied, and should have been straight up with us from the start.  If they could not do it, then they should not tell people that maybe they can.  I am going to let USAA and AARP know that the information that Hertz gave us, and provided to them.  They should not be affiliated with these two Corporations, or with any branch of the Military.  I also had the horrible sinking feeling that race had something to do with it.  A horrible nagging feeling...........


@ Codegirl,

USAA strives to provide the best service and products to our members, and it is disheartening to hear about your experience with renting a vehicle.  Please know we take your feedback very seriously.  I have escalated your situation to our team who oversees rental bookings, and they will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. Thanks~Mike 

almost the same process just happend to us with this company. Can you tell me if you had your money back or not? And what way we have to do it?

thank you!