Have USAA auto insurance dropped putting mileage data into policies ? ? ?

Have USAA auto insurance dropped putting mileage data into policies ? ? ?


Spent the last hour trying to find where to put in driving mileage back into the auto policy. 


I did that three years ago, but cannot do it today. 


Can anyone help me how to access USAA so I can put in update driving milleage ? ? ?


Thank you. 




@Long Member, I am hoping the following information will help you view and update your annual mileage online. From the main page when you log in the website please select Auto Insurance Policy > you will be on My Auto Insurance Policy > please scroll down the page to your vehicle details. In this section you should have the Annual Mileage with an option to Edit. ~ Joseph 

@Long Member, I wanted to circle back and see if you were able to proceed online for updating your annual mileage? We are here to help anyway we can.  

Your answer leads to nothing that one can change their mileage data.


You need to give me a more precise and detailed description as to where to perform these steps.

@Long Member  Oh no, that wasn't too helpful then. I apologize.  On usaa.com use the following steps to update the mileage:

To update vehicle usage and mileage online, follow these steps:


Go to MY TOOLS >  Manage my auto policy  >  scroll until you see an image of your vehicle  >  select "edit" next to mileage  > correct and follow prompts to submit


If you are on a mobile app we can provide the steps depending on what platform you are using. Please let us know if this helps or if you need the mobile steps.  - Meredith