I contacted you guys a few months ago about a default on loan status for 30 days, the first missed payment in the 5 years of my Auto loan because I had no access to any electronic to communicate with you guys while on a mission. needless to say I was in the middle of a home purchase and so that dropped my credit score drastically and was unable to continue with my home purchase.   so here I am still homeless and still fighting to rebuild my credit score, no help to you guys, with my partner pregnant and ready to pop. I don't know what else to do but cry in your car when she falls asleep. All I'm asking for is a little understanding, I had no way of communicating or a little forgiveness or anything, I'm on my last and still continue to keep up with my payments even while being layed off my civilian job due to Covid-19.


Can we get a door opened somewhere for this Warrior and unborn child that is not attached to a car? If we can't get help we have to help eachother. 

Hey bud; USAA is not the salvation army or the church around the corner.  It is my money and others in there; so don't get so punk with your expectations of handouts.  I served in the US Army during Nam and many of my friends don't even exist any more. I told you to contact a local American Legion Post or Viet Nam Vets group if you are starving.  Many just go on living and helping out others showing empathy, rather than wailing for mamma...Get yourself together and live...!

Just wondering where are all the chicken-poops (please excuse the political correctness poop)  to post on your behalf...? 

Chickens really get a kick out of this s..t political stuff. I think they lay eggs better when riled by the "extremists" ANARCHIRSTS and taste real good with fresh bacon and onions. 

REALLY USAA??? You tow that line all the time how you are here for the military folks...well, WHERE ARE YOU NOW?? You can't find a little goodwill adjustment somewhere in your balance sheet or customer service policies to help this veteran out? Surely, if he can provide proof of orders, YOU can show some chutzpah and help him to provide for his family in a time where everyone in our economy that's a normal Joe/Jane is hurting in some way.


You have it right there on your homepage that "...serving the military community is our mission.  That's more important now more than ever as our members deal with the COVID-19 pandemic."


So, how come this brother is hurting when YOU have the power to help him??




Just saw that you pulled the covid-19 angle...what are you anyway...can't be a flyer as we knew and respected back in the '60's ...?jeeze

Yes, USAA did provide relief for the auto insurance/dividends as you stated in your posting. Here's another link showing what they are doing even with auto loans: https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Money-Matters/USAA-Bank-Continues-Support-for-Members-Impacted-by-CO...

Unfortunately, it doesn't include giving out money. There are a lot of people out there in a tough (hurting) situation especially under COVID-19. There are a lot of programs out there to help struggling families. You just have to a little effort in finding those services--especially if family members are not available to assist. USAA is no different than any other business. They're in the business to make money so they can pay their employees, interest to member's money, investors, taxes, etc. I've been in similar situations and had to make tough decisions but always managed to find a way. No, I didn't get upset at USAA and I've been with them since the early/mid 1980s.

What is this with "cry in the car" stuff...?  Are the rest of us to cry in the fields, offices, trenches or sorry political beaurecrats to care...Stand up and be someone...Ask for help but then be willing to give back; show an empathy for your fellows...

Every dude has a hard time...