...($218-330) Somehow its between $403-589?! THIS DOES NOT ADD UP 


PLEASE HELP ME i can pay 200-300 that is what i was told! Please work with me as I am being completely honest!


I will not pay anymore than this. If this is not resolved I will be forced to bring it to the local news in phoenix.


Thank you for your help


Hello @Sonny AA we understand your frustration and would like the opportunity to help you if you are having any issues with our service, please let us know in a private message. While we understand your frustration, we ask that you refrain from additional posts about your situation. As this is seen as “bumping” content—that is to say, posts that serves to repeat existing issues and bring them to the top of the wall. Future posts regarding the same issue will not receive a response and are subject to removal from our wall. While it is our intention to never ban individuals from our page, if a violation of our guidelines is clear, we will remove the content and block the individual. Thank you for your time. - Ralph