Where do I find information about the good student driving discount and who that all applies to, meaning I am a full time student back in college and wanted to know if it would apply for me? Please and thank you.




Hello @MoMo79 thank you for the question and here are some of the main parts of the discount: 


To be eligible for the GSD "Good Student Discount", the student must:
•Be under 25.
•Be a full-time student.
•Attend an acceptable school.
•Meet certain academic standards. Mainly holding a 3.0 or higher


If you meet all 4 of the criteria you can add on the discount to your auto policy by clicking on the discount tab in your auto policy. If you have any questions on this discount please send us a private message and we will be happy to go over them with you. - Ralph 

Do you still have to be under 25 to receive the Good Student Discount?

Hello @ADixon! Thank you for reaching out via the USAA Community. This is a great question. In states where they approve savings opportunities like the Good Student Discount (all except HI & NC), the general requirements are as follows: 


"To be eligible for the Good Student Discount in acceptable locations, the student must:

Please, let us know if you have any questions about requirements in your state. Thank you again for reaching out! ~ Steven