USAA glass replacement is very misleading. website encourages you to file an online claim instead of in person, over the phone, and when doing this, the website immediatly directs you to safelight glass replacement without any mention of whether or not you will be covered, allowing you to ASSUME you are getting the best option and USAA is going to cover the repair. IN FACT, safelite glass replacement is the MOST expensive option in replacement glass and you will be spending much more than going through many third parties. This is a direct attempt at product placement on the part of USAA and is misleading and dishonest. This buiness strategy is an easy way to make money by not being up-front about the availability of other options and by not making it clear whether or not you will be covered when you schedule an appointment at safelite through the USAA website.


@Member9283, I am terribly sorry to hear that you feel this way regarding your glass replacement claims. I have located your information and I am escalating your situation to a subject matter expert. They will review your concerns and reach out to you. Thank you.

Be careful they say that rock chip claims on the windshield do not affect you but they do. They will raise your premiums. Don't believe what the USAA employees say to you it's nothing but a lie

Stuart Parker, this is a customer of yours.  Do you see what is happening or are you only interested in your fat paycheck.  Customers think that your company lies.