Getting an Auto loan with little to no credit


I am currently in college and in the ROTC/ SMP program at my college. I currently have an older not so reliable truck and am trying to get something with better gas mileage and more reliability. With this in mind, I am currently renting an apartment and have all of my college paid for by the military. I currently have basically zero credit history but I want to get an auto loan to get a car. Any advice in getting a loan that doesn't have ridiculous APR? Thanks


@Mule6, Thank you for reaching out in our Member community for your questions. I might suggest taking a look at the Credit Monitoring service that we offer at no charge for the basic service. It not only provides score related information but also has plenty of resources that you may find helpful about credit scoring in general. If you have a vehicle in mind or are just starting the process, I may suggest speaking to one of our lending specialists and having a discussion about the amount you would like to borrow and the cost involved. I hope that helps. 1-210-531-8722. Than you. ~ Suzy