Get low auto loan rates and no hidden fees (What a Joke)

I recently purchased a new car and received a 3.1% rate from USAA. The dealer wanted to give me a much lower rate but i wanted to keep everything with USAA. I've been a member more than 20 years. Well about 3 months later i see an ad on the webste that USAA can give a 1.49% for a new car refinance so I apply. Needless to say I was disapproved? Are you kidding me. My credit score is 827 and I have no issues and again a member for more than 20 years. I call the dealer and they are still able to refinance me with a 1.4% rate. So I guess it is off to the dealer to refeinance my new car. I can't believe this BS after all my time with USAA and having everything with them. I guess it is time to begin shopping for insurance elsewhere. I never thought I would say that but I did. Very poor customer service and loyalty perks. USAA has gotten to big for their britches. They have lost that exceptional customer service they once had. it may be time ot switch to a local bank in my area.  


Old Guard,


I have sent this over to our bank team for review. A team member will be reaching out to further assist. Thank you.

Wake up USAA, Many companies are matching and beating your prices. You used to establish yourself with outstanding customer service. Not so much more now. $$$$$ is where it is right now. WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.!
You see I'm not the only one who has noticed. The dealer is willing to assist me with the refinance. USAA you will probably be losing a member. I'm looking into a new home refinance with a local bank and checking on insurance rates too.
Still no one to reach out to me. What a joke!!!!

Old Guard,


I am following up with the bank now on this, thank you.

Seriously? How is it a bank I have had no business with can give me a better rate than USAA which I have been a member with and have everything with for almost 20 years. I believe it is time to move to a local bank. As they say long distance relationships never work. USAA you ave really let me down!

Hi OldGuard,


I have checked in with the bank and you should be receiving a call shortly. Thank you.

Yep, still no contact. What happened to USAA?

Hi OldGuard,

From our end, it looks like a specialist attempted to call you and left a message as well as sent an email on 2/19. Please let me know if you did not receive either of those communication attempts. Thank you