General under honarble conditions disqualifying

After filling out all the info and agreeing to have all my personal information to be shared I was told Im ineledgible to get car insurance. Obviousely they knew this before I had to agree to all the terms. When they ask about your discharge, rather then letting you continue with all your personal information they should let you know you dont qualify. This is walking a fine line as a scam in my opinion. Hopefully I can call them tomorrow and ask them to delete my personal info and not sell it. Most companies that gear their business towards veterans is only to take advantage of them. Pretty sad way to treat veterans. In 30 years this is the only veteran benefit I did not qualify for. Guess I will stick with Allstate, they have taken care of me for 15 years


@Kingairblade, thank you for your post. I have forwarded your concerns to the correct office for further review. A subject matter expert will contact you to further discuss your feedback and concerns. Tricia