I have never seen an Insurance web site that is so cumbersome to get around. I get an email saying payment past due. I go to my bank's web site and verify that the funds are there. I go back to USAA website and after a series of searching and tinkering I found out how to resubmit payment authorization and the specific account. Almost four days have gone by and my bank account has not posted  the payment. Upon logging into  USAA which is never an easy thing, I find they have not registered that payment. I have ben trying to call both Toll free and 512 area code numbers, but they just cut off without as much as one ring. This has been going on since I began at 8:52 AM Eastern Standard time. What a lousy setup. Make this web site very simple and much user fr


Hello @Sirspar, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues in making insurance payments through usaa.com.  When ready, please go to your inbox in USAA Community to view correspondence sent in a private message for assistance.  ~Marco