Geico gave me an Auto Ins quote thats $2,800 less yearly. I'm so upset!


After noting that my Auto insurance for our family of 2 fulltime drivers and 1 infrequent teenaged driver is approximately $6,000/year, I got a quote from Geico.  I compared apples to apples, choosing exactly the same features, coverages and deductibles as those that I have with my USAA policy and was given a quote of $2,800.00/year for my auto insurance.  I realize that USAA is amazing when it comes to paying out claims quickly, however that feature is not worth $3,000 yearly.  I'm extremely upset about this.  My father was in the military for 20 years and went to Vietnam and I'm an Army brat.  This feels very much like a breach of trust and a violation. 


Oh no @DrDK1, sorry that you felt this way with USAA about your insurance rates.  I am sadden to see you leave to another competitor, however, I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate area for further review of your experience.  ~  Marco

Wow, how many issues have you gotten into to pay 6k yearly? I have never paid anymore than 1200-1300 tops, that aside, not surprised, I found over $400 savings switching to Geico. USAA is perfectly content with you choosing what is best for you, rather than becoming top in the market in the respective areas. What I mean, is call up after receiving a better rate elsewhere on any product and they won't work with you or offer anything, they'll tell you that they want their members to get the best deal they can, even if it is not from them. Their motives for not being tops in savings and checking rates, credit card rewards, etc. I won't even try to explain. To me it is profit driven, but I couldn't provide hard evidence, so it is conjecture at this point. I love GEICO so far, nice and easy to deal with, just bought a new car and financed through a local credit union. USAA offered me a car rate a full percent and a half over what we got elsewhere. Seems to be the norm, not sure what was good about USAA before I joined, as many old timers refer to it, but I don't see anything special, other than the chance to have conversations with my brothers and sisters. Take care.