I was DISSAPPOINTED and FRUSTRATED to find out after I purchased my car through USAA Car Buying Service and took the USAA loan that they dont offer GAP insurance.  Apparently USAA auto insurance doesn't either.  Just a 20% above market value plan which I opted in at least for now.  However, I'm extremely frustrated and feel exposed with a new vehicle as I took a 6 year loan and put $0 down.  There should have been a disclosure when filling out the loan application that GAP is not available.  I've been searching the internet for hours and calling every lead...."you should talk to your bank, insurance company...".  Appears lots of companies are willing to refinance my loan or take over my auto insurance policy and give me GAP protection.  I've been with USAA for 22 years....I am seriously considering refinancing my loan.  Please contact me with options to stay USAA.  Marc


@MB8, Thank you for your loyalty over the past 22 years. I understand that you have concerns about GAP protection. I'm happy to forward your concerns to the appropriate area for review. ~DC

@MB8, Our goal is to ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to our members. After identifying opportunities to improve Total Loss Protection, USAA has ceased offering this product until further notice. I'm sorry that we were unable to meet your needs this time. Your feedback is valuable, and I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate team. ~DC

MB8, I just discovered the same thing.  Would have been nice to have some warning.  We rolled over some negative equity, so now we're freaked out that we can't get GAP insurance.  It's not the first time I've been pretty incensed with USAA about one of their services (or lack therof) and I can tell you the next time we need an auto loan, we will NOT be using USAA.