I emailed USAA days ago with no response. I paid my 6 month premium in full this summer, and it was deposited on their end. Then, earlier this week I received it back in the form of a check.

I thought I was just receiving 10% off? 
I don't know if this was done in error and I owe it back, or if I just got 6 months free?


@PrincessMcGee, Hello! Please give us a call at 800-531-8722 or utilize our chat feature on usaa.com during normal business hours so we can review your billing information and further advise. Thank you! ~Danielle

USAA is a company run by Morons.

This is exactly why I refuse to work with any client who’s using USAA

They will cause you to take time out of your day and deal with the stupidity of these clowns at USAA

Switch your home owners insurance away from USAA to any other insurance company in North America

Their rates are outrageous