Full Coverage Insurance - How to determine payout incase off accident

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I currently carry full coverage insurance, but am not sure if its worth continuing this since my car is really old now, * with 230K miles! My deductible is * How do i know what USAA will pay in case my vehicle is a total loss. I tried calling in once but they were vague and referenced KBB. I am looking for an actual number from USAA.



I understand you want an estimated replacement value of your vehicle, Why Phi. Regretfully, we are unable to provide an actual value due to the variable factors that are considered at the time of the loss. USAA pays to replace or repair your insured vehicle and equipment with like kind and quality, minus the deductible. Payment is based on the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle at the time of loss.

  • Actual cash value means the amount that it would cost at the time of loss to buy a comparable vehicle.

  • Comparable vehicle means a vehicle of the same make, model, year, body type and options with at least similar mileage and physical condition.

You can get an estimated value of your vehicle using websites such as Kelly Blue Book or NADA. -Vaness

Ok. I will look this up