USAA has great marketing. They have a great website, great tools, great app, etc. USAA has great commercials showing how they help vets and they make you feel like you should be proud to be a USAA member.


However... What I've found is that I have my cars insured through other companies because USAA is too expensive.


Also, auto loans.... I have a credit score of 823. Chevy is currently offering 0%apr loans on their vehicles for 36 months. I'd like to have a loan a bit longer, like 60 months so I get ahold of USAA. They tell me on the phone that with qualifying credit, I can get 3.0, and if I use their website to buy a vehicle, I can knock off another .5%..... Final apr would be 2.49%.


This sounds great.... I apply for a loan using their snappy app, and it says 5.09%. What the heck? I have perfect credit. So, I call them up..... This is literally what they told me:


1. I have a credit card with USAA that has a $20,000 limit, but.... It has a zero balance (I owe nothing on the card), since I'm not using it, that hurts me.


2. I opened a bank account (youth spending account) for my 14 year old daughter, that's hurting me too.


Are you friggin kidding me!?! This is the most insulting reply I've ever gotten from a banking institute. I have absolutely stunning credit, but I don't qualify for their best rates because of those two pathetic reasons? Seriously... This is like bait and switch, you promise great deals helping vets, saving money, but I can go to other lenders who I have no history with and get better deals. What a joke!


Soooo frustrated with your banking institute right now.




Thank you for sharing your concerns with us @SynPDX. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert for review. Once reviewed, they will contact you. I appreciate your patience, have a good night. -Emily