Frustrated - car loan denied. Why don't you use the credit organization you advertise

I'm really frustrated. I just applied for a car loan and got denied. I've been monitoring my credit based on your app and program that I subscribed to theough USAA then go through the app to apply and I get denied. You reference another credit bureau. I'm really annoyed now I have a hard credit enquiry. I should have listened to the other reviewers and not applied thought USAA!!!


What was the precise reason why they denied you?

Whether they pulled Experian (provider of credit monitoring services) or Equifax (the bureau USAA pulls for credit decisions), you would still have an inquiry.
The score you get through their monitoring service is completely bogus anyways. It's referred to as your "fako " score. Only real score is your FICO score you can get from It even gives your your auto loan score. Well worth the monthly fee. I dropped USAA service quite some time ago. It is absolutely worthless product. And USAA pulls Equifax on all their credit decisions.

Seriously?!  They don't even use Experian?  WOW!  Definitely time to re-evaluate this service!

@ AllenD: Seriously, what's the difference? If you have dismal credit what difference does it make which credit bureau they pull when making a decision on your application? Further, to focus only on credit score is really foolish. Virtually no bank whatsoever makes their decision based only on credit score. People with high scores get declined for loans every day. Generally credit score only factors in when the bank assigns an APR to your loan.

Hi SG999,

A banking specialist here at USAA can discuss the exact reasons your loan application was denied. They can be reached at 1/800/531/8722. Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community.