I was given bad advice by a USAA representative that cost me money. Asked to speak to a manager for a seperate issue a few days ago. Was told a manager would call me in 24 hours and no one called. Tried to tell another representative that and she stated  "your issue would not cause a manager to call you back but I can schedule to have a manager call you." She did not listen to me and prevented me from talking to a manager. Called again to talk to someone else so I can speak to a manager. Was prevented from speaking to a manager again. I have been with USAA for 15 years and now I am experiencing the worst customer service.


This isn't good to hear @User1234.6 and we would like to know what has happened. Please send us a private message and provide us some details so we can look into this matter and help find a solution. Once we have found some options we will have an agent reach back out to you.  - Ralph