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My wife was exiting our driveway. About 150 yards from the end of the driveway is a pine tree. My wife was going out to get eggs for breakfast (I know, cliche as all heck, but it is what it is), and after checking twice, pulled out into the street.

Her vehicle was hit on the passenger front corner by another driver coming up the street.

The street is a 40 MPH zone.

My wife didn't see the oncoming driver, she pulled out, and the car was there.

Remember, it's a 40 MPH zone.

About 2/3 of the distance between the tree and the driveway starts a skid mark which continues to the point of impact, pauses at the point of impact, and then continues as the vehicle which hit her slid off the road into the ditch, coming to rest more than 60 feet from the point of impact.

USAA quickly arranged a tow truck, interviewed my wife, and then for all intents and purposes disappeared until pressed for communication a week after the fact.

The sheriff's report states that speed and operator inexperience were "contributing factors".

USAA initially stated that my wife was at fault for entering the roadway in an unsafe manner.

When pressed about the conditions of the impact, the fact that a car equipped with ABS left a skidmark over 100' long, then continued far past the point of impact sliding more than 60' in the ditch, and the fact that there were 5 minors in the vehicle with a minor operator which is a violation of NYS law, they have kindly adjusted their finding to both operators being equally at fault.,

When talking to them I felt like I was dealing with a hostile questioner in an arbitration case in front of an arbitrator.

They have done everything in their power to "prove" my wife was at fault from the time the accident occurred.

When asked, the operator of the other vehicle stated she saw my wife pulling out, but didn't do anything in reaction.

If this is their concept of customer service, I'm done.I have been advised in the claims center that the decsion is final and no further appeal can be made. My decision is final as well.


I can imagine how frustrating this would be for you and your wife, @Finit. I've requested a colleague in the Claims group review the situation and follow up with you. They aren't in the office at the moment, but will have this request first thing in the morning. Please allow sufficient time for any research to be completed. - Cathleen

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the claims group.


As of this moment, however, I'm goiing to refuse any phone calls from this company, as the continued efforts of the claims representatives to parse and twist my statements in verbal discussions is abhorrent and beyond the pale.


As of this moment forward, please make any and all attempts at communication via email and written documents so I can document the discussions on paper for use at a later date if need be.


Contrary to the statement sent to me by the claims manager, I no longer trust this company and will not communicate with you in a manner which isn't easily recorded either electronically or on paper.

Hi @Finit, We do apologize for the delay but, your post was send to the wrong department and we want to make sure the right person gets in contact with you. We have routed your concerns to the correct area and you can anticipate a call within the next 1-2 business days from a claims advocate who will be able to review the claim and liability details with you. 


The claims advocate is free to email me or communicate through the claims communication center in relation to this issue. As stated above, I no longer trust USAA and neither my wife nor myself will be communicating with your company in any form which is not readily reproducible for future use.

Still haven't recieved any communication from USAA, other than a call from the rental agency that the 30 day limit on the rental in the insurance policy is up tomorrow. The vehicle may not be out of the shop tomorrow, as USAA took 2 weeks to approve the repairs between the estimate and the supplemental.


Between the abusive nature of the claims representative and manager, the failure to handle issues promptly, and continued failure to communicate, this company has lost any shred of respectability it once had.

@Finit, I am going to forward this information as well and ask for that we have your concerns reviewed as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Thank you for having the same negligent, hostile and abusive claims representative who has handled this claim from the beginning in completely execrable fashion regurgitate the same information which has been presented multiple times. The claim has been mishandled, from the inexcusable amount of time it took to get an estimate, then respond to the request from the body shop for a supplemental estimate, and the absolutely insulting manner in which both my wife and i have been spoken to on the phone.


This is going to be escalated to the New York State Department of Financial Services.


The company has failed to execute your duties as my insurer in multiple ways, from abusive questioning to failure to assign liability to the party who was speeding far in excess of the posted limit.

I am experiencing very similar issues as you are and believe the company is in a bad trend, they don't value its customers and are more focused on the corporate profit aspect of the buisness, a game of gains and losses to them while people and their difficult situaitons are tossed out the window like garbage.  You can read my situation that I've posted for more insight, if you have any recommendations of other companies to try, let me know.

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