For the premium apr (usaa rate)--not worth the effort, find a local bank that doesn't outsource small loans

I consider myself patient, but to spend hours on hold with terrible service has driven me to make others aware of this ridiculous process--here are some points to consider, the extended vehicle protection plan usaa offers is through another service which takes a week to cancel if the mess up the loan--my one loan turned into three with separate applications, reviews, more lobby service and speaking to someone who knows what they are doing...after two-three hours on the phone, on/off hold, felt like this was the first loan they had ever generated ... Not impressed and would not recommend!


Quit spamming, post all your stuff in the first thread ya made...
If you are going to use their service to buy from an individual suggest you take a week from work off....


I am very sorry you are not getting the service you need from us. If you could please send the details of your situation to us using this form, we can get someone from the loan department in contact with you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.