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Dear Vampires at USAA... Please explain to me why, when I have no claims against me, my rates go up every 6 months?

Sometimes only 60 dollars, sometimes over 100. Are there really so many incidents that my rates have to go up this much? This is NOT the first time I've written about this and the answer of "shared indemnity" can only take you so far before "greedy CEO" becomes the go to answer.

I already cut my insurance back to the bone, how much more can I sacrifice in coverage before I simply garage the car and use renters insurance and choose to not drive? I'm a disabled vet I don't actually HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE except the VA. A monthly bus pass is WAY cheaper than insurance.


@kbsa2000 Hello, thank you for reaching out about your auto insurance, I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area.~Shawna

Shop around.  USAA can be beaten on everything they offer.  USAA's loyalty to you disapperaed when Stuart Parker became CEO.