Florida rate increase

Just recently I noticed an increase in my monthly insurance payments jump from $245 to $385. I contacted USAA support and they advised the rate increase was due to a rate increase for the State of Florida. Mind you I have no vehicle accidents or traffic citations that would cause a massive jump. Is anyone else experiencing this insane rate increase? unacceptable. After almost 20 years of being with USAA I sadly will be leaving them.

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Smart move leaving USAA.  You will be better off elsewhere.

We truly appreciate your tenured membership with USAA and for allowing us to serve your insurance needs. We know that having the correct coverage at a competitive price is extremely important to our members. We never want our members to leave us due to rates. Rates in many areas have increased due to inflation as USAA has seen significant increases to the cost of fixing vehicles, increases in labor, supply chain issues etc. It's never our intent to disappoint our members and I'm saddened to hear that you're considering coverage elsewhere. Have we been able to complete a policy review with you via chat or phone?

Competitive rates?  What planet do you live on?