Big Mac
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USAA considers Flatbeds as commercial vehicles, so if you own one and have it insured you actually have no insurance.

This is absolutely STUPID.

What does such an ignorant idiot that came up with this idea look like, doe anyone have a picture?

I can not imagine ANY US veteran agreeing with this policy.

To those who haul more than a bag of groceries around- Farmers and horse people, and those who tow RV's and those who just like the look of flatbeds USAA wants your $ but will ABANDON YOU!

I asked a rep to send me a document outlining the policy and crickets, nothing is in my documents as promised. Also the well meaning damage control specialist will promise follow up, again crickets.

After 41 years- it will be goodbye maybe if 20-30,000 long term members all pull their subscriber accounts at one time we might get some executive's attention (you know the ones who surround themselves with yes men and pretty little skirts).