Rick E
USAA holds my life in their hands. Been a member in good standing since 1998. From my mortgage, home owners insurance, life insurance, car insurance, credit card and bank accounts. I have financed one car and paid it off with no issues never late. Requested financing in April 2017 and was 100% approved. I did not find the car I wanted. 5 months later today it is now Sept 2017 and I finally found my car. I am still at the same job that I have been in for the last 15 years, I have paid off some debt on the past 5 months and also have another source of income coming in. USAA denied my application based on a dang near 4 year old credit report. I have a great history with USAA and I thought the feeling was mutual, but I guess not. I think it's time to see how a Credit Union will respect me cause obviously USAA does not know how to treat a long standing customer. I'm really hurt right now.


Rick E, we can see how that is disappointing. We will look into this and see what happened.  We appreciate your patience and will conduct a follow up with you.  Thanks, Jen