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As appreciative as I was for USAA's help following a recent automobile accident, which was handled with the best intentions & results---I am utterly disappointed with the car buying service, as my experience has been a nightmare. I found a car I liked & proceeded to purchase it, having gotten the approval of a loan from USAA & settlement in hand from my Expedition. I took my time, not wanting to settle ($371 out of pocket on a rental), but still wound up making the worst decision! This car was listed on USAA's website. So when two major issues manifested within the first week of ownership, I wanted to contact USAA before contacting the dealer. I am alone in this process but thought they'd have my back, having made the biggest investment in this car. At first, they couldn't find the dealer. That's what I was told. So I uploaded pictures of two different emails, where USAA sent me price guarantees. By the way, that price was supposed to be $7,490---I wound up paying $7,638 & have been false accused by the dealer that my complaints aren't warranted. The tie rods are ALL BAD ($500 repair bill) & the convertible top ($695 repair bill) is leaking horribly on a car that was grossly misrepresented to both USAA & Kelley Blue Book. Also to CarFax. After sending the photos as proof that I had found this car through USAA's car buying service, USAA has told me I should have taken the car to a mechanic. What?! Not to mention that instead of my interest rate going down, it went up. This whole experience has been horrific, to say the least. And I don't know what to do but it seems hiring a lawyer is my only option, at this point. I am not threatening; just conveying how I feel - based on FACTS - regarding what has happened to me. The associates have been kind, but I'VE GOTTEN NO RESOLVE FROM USAA, whom I feel certain could put enough pressure on this dealer to DO SOMETHING TO HELP ME!!! I don't expect them to buy the car back but could use SOMETHING to help with these expenses! SOMEBODY IS LYING & IT SURE AIN'T ME!!!!!!!


warrioress, we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback regarding the Car Buying Service. This sounds like a disappointing situation, and I regret the frustration you've experienced. I am engaging a team of business specialists to further review your concerns and follow-up with you. We appreciate the opportunity to look into this further. -Meredith

Thank you, Meredith. I have also filed a detailed complaint regarding this dealer & the purchased vehicle with the Better Business Bureau.
A liason from USAA did contact me, proffering explanation regarding the CAR BUYING SERVICE (which I can never recommend to another) & then had someone contact me from TRUE CAR VALUE. Devan from TCV said they are willing to give me $695 to fix the window portion of the convertible top on this car; he was also supposed to ask SALTON MOTOR CARS to at least go halfway on the expenses to replace the tie rods. At that time, I was using PepBoys because they are the dealer's choice---but the issue became worse, forcing me to find an alternate mechanic. I uploaded the receipt where I paid Tire Engineers $288+ to fix the tie rods only; I must now have the front end aligned & the expenses only seem to grow. I continue to regret using the CAR BUYING SERVICE, as I continue to wait on DEVAN from TRUE CAR VALUE to call me back & the rain keeps filling the well behind my back seat...