I switched to USAA for insurance about 5 years ago. I always heard people brag about how great they were and how much they saved. I decided to switch also because it would make it easier not having to set up insurance with new agents each time I moved. Well, I have been nothing but disappointed. First, my insurance didn't go down, it actually went up... almost doubled. Then I purchased a new car and added it to my insurance, only to find out it wasn't reported to my state as required and they didn't recognize me as having insurance. Finally, most recently, I happened to hit a deer while driving/moving across the country. I contacted USAA and was connected with the claims department. They transferred me to roadside assistance who then hung up on me. I called roadside assistance back and they said I had to file a claim first and transferred me. I then had to wait on a transfer to a representative for my state. They said it would take at least 25 minutes to initiate the claim and I couldn't even request a tow until it was complete. After this, I was then transferred back to roadside assistance once again in which I had to explain my whole situation for the 4th time. They said they would contact the tow company and get it set up. After another 20 minutes I get a call back and informed that I would have to call the police to get a tow truck. Police arrive, they request tow (and it arrived within 30 minutes, I was impressed). Two hours later and I'm in the tow truck heading to a hotel. Log in to USAA at the hotel to check on my claim and set up the vehicle inspection with the only recommeded repair 3000 miles away. Attempt to contact USAA to get help and my representative is not available. Request assistance from somebody else and get a recording informing me the office is closed.


My previous insurance was less expensive and always available to assist when needed. They never made me wait over 30 minutes to request a tow truck and took care of all my needs.


Hi @ArmyVet77, First and foremost, this is certainly not an experience we want our member to have when filing their claim. We do apologize for the miscommunication and misinformation provided when you initially filed the claim and we would like to have someone give you a call to see how we can improve your experience. Please allow 1-2 business days for the claims specialist to review your claim and give you a call. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and we look forward to speaking with you early next week. Thank you.