I have been a member over 10 years. I have always loved USAA this past year especially after this past month the representative that failed miserably by not placing a stop payment on my insurance payment after I had changed the date. On a renewing policy. No I have to pay extra fees on a new policy because USSA has dropped the ball on doing what’s right and charging people for their inconsistent and lack of doing their job and looking at how to make more money out of you. After tonight I am really thinking about pulling my accounts from a company that is becoming a better word money hungry


Hello @Denmom, I'm sorry to hear how let down you feel and I'm engaging a specialist to review your concerns. -Paula

Your statement isn't very clear as to exactly what happened but it appears you wanted to put a stop payment on a check and the representative in insurance did not do that.  The responsibility of putting a stop payment is yours.  Someone in the insurance department is not able to do bank processes (in most, if not all cases).  They are two different "companies" even though they say USAA on both.  Federal laws have restrictions.  Checks, for the last 40 years or so are automatically processed by machine.  The machine does not read dates so people who post date a check thinking someone won't pay it until that day end up getting messed up.  If the check is presented, it gets processed.  If there was a stop payment placed by you, you should have a receipt for that stop payment that you can present to the bank to have any fees by the bank (not the insurance company) reversed.