FYI Great Auto Rates

I just checked for auto insurance rates with an independent insurance agency that handles multiple insurance companies.


When they found out I was with USAA, they didn't even want to bother taking the time to give me a quote.


They said they have never been able to offer car insurance at a rate that beats USAA!



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I am not sure how reputable this independent insurance agency that you engaged in is, but USAA for the past several years has been way more than other insurance companies. Insurance quotes involve many variables on an individual basis, so its interesting that this agency didn't want to "bother" taking the time and exploring your options. USAA has admittedly stated it was intentionally raising rates, so this your post is pretty interesting.

Rates are a factor, so are features. A fender of my vehicle was dented last year. After the repair, I received communication from USAA about a feature of my policy that was not top of mind. The feature paid for any lost of value, along with the repair; it was optional. It was something that I had not used before. Nonetheless, I said yes. The thing, USAA reached out to me. It was not much, which is a good thing. However, it may be an indication of how some representatives are concern about providing excellent service. It reminded me of the USAA of old. Hopefully, that will reflect in all of USAA's dealings.

G-11 - You pay a severe price for USAA to offer you features that add to their already overpriced insurance as in the 91.6% higher rate USAA quoted me today.  Also, if USAA offers the feature than so do all of the other major insurance companies but their cost will be cheaper than USAA.  In the several years that I considered leaving USAA but stayed, I could have easily saved over $10,000.00.  This version of USAA is not even a mere shadow of what USAA used to be and it's an absolute disgrace.

Bigbb, I am not doubting that other companies may be cheaper. Yet, I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. A few years back, a neighbor had an exact home owner claim as I (supply water line to the master bath toilet burst). He had State Farm. Within a day, someone was drying out the rooms and investigating for damage at my house. Within a week or so, I had estimates for repairs and a check for repairs. It took my neighbor a few weeks just for an agent to appear. Then, he only received partial cost of the repairs. I am not stating there is no room for improvement at USAA. Simply, it received an 'A' from me in that particular situation. One thing that I have learned from my time in the Services that there is always room for improvement in any process (TQL: total, quality leadership).

Again you pay a HUGE price for this.  Read this forum.  USAA doesn't always give the best customer service.  In fact USAA's customer service is not even a mere shadow of what it used to be.  Since I left USAA, the experience that I had with the one claim that I had with my new company was fantastic, it could not be any better.  There is NO JUSTIFICATION for USAA to be 91.6% higher when the "Old USAA" rates could not be beaten by any company.  I was with USAA for 40 years.  This version of USAA is not the USAA of old.  What has been done to USAA was done intentionally.  Wake up and smell the coffee.

I can understand. Yes, there is a difference. And, I like to get the best value for a dollar like most people. So, I do keep price in mind. Yet, I try not and lose sleep over it; you win some, and you lose some. I am not stating that USAA is the best company in the world. Is there room for improvement? Yes! We all may view life differently. Some people see a glass as half full; while, others may see it as half empty. Or, one man's trash is another man's treasure. I just try and focus on positives not negatives. It helps keep the stress level down.

You know the old PT Barnum saying "There's a sucker born every minute."  And the other old saying: "A fool and his money are soon parted."  So you can continue overpaying USAA while I enjoy the same insurance protection at a HUGE cost savings with better customer service.  

I am happy to hear about your experience, G-11. Thank you for your membership! 

GrandPa17 not sure who you talked to, but I just now decided to get a quote for my 4 vehicles.  The quote for 6 MONTHS was $200 lower than my renewing 1 YEAR POLICY WITH A MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANY.  Assuming that the policy will not increase in the next 6 month renewal (no way this will happen) USAA is 91.6% HIGHER for the EXACT SAME COVERAGE! The USAA of General McDermott is long gone.  It has been replaced by a company that he would not recognize.  He must be turning over in his grave over what has been intentionally done to USAA. This version of USAA is not the version of USAA when I started paying them in 1979.  I left after 40 years with my only regret being that I should have left USAA sooner.  I would suggest getting your own quotes and not using an agent.


USAA CSR: No need to respond as there is absolutely nothing you can say to justify the outrageous cost of USAA's car insurance.

@GrandPa17, Of course USAA can definitely beat anyone--IF you remove coverages AND significantly increase your deductibles. The only advantage is that USAA will allow you to pay for their expensive premiums--by installments.  Representatives for many of those companies just don't see it--and falsely assume USAA can't be beaten no-matter what. If they worked for and I found out that they had done that to a perspective customer--I would have fired them on the spot. 


USAA CSR: Not looking for you to respond or escalate my comment.


Not sure where you're located.  I used to get that same reply about USAA but it isn't true anymore.  I shopped around two years ago and had no problem beating USAA pricing on everything.

Thank you @GrandPa17 for your membership with USAA and allowing us to serve your insurance needs.  ~Marco

So what are you doing about the rest of us?