I used USAA car buying service to get a vehicle, which led me to Bleeker Chevrolet in Dunn, NC. They were advertising a 2000 Ford Taurus for around $3000, ended up driving it off the lot (with USAA loan) for $3600. The dealership manager, John Seaford, told me it was a one owner car and drove just fine. He even went into detail about how his employees would occasionally drive this vehicle for errands or home without issues. Over the course of the next few weeks, the engine light would turn on, the gas would smell of exhaust/gas and it began running bad. Finally, we brought it to a mechanic, who quoted me over $1700 for a blown head gasket. I was shocked! I brought it to a mechanic friend of a friend who found ever more problems. He told me the car had never been subject to any maintenance whatsoever. He doubted it ever had been given any antifreeze coolant, but only water, based on the amount of rust that had built up within the water pump reservoir which had completely rusted over. The stream of rust water led down the driveway all the way down the block three houses down. He showed me how the thermostat had completely rusted shut and had gasket sealant on it, meaning there was no way it was going to open. The water pump was completely rusted and worn out, with no resistance on the fans. He found 2x bolts broken off and sitting inside the bottom of the water pump. The #5 spark plug continued to misfire, and the spark plug wires were Motercraft, meaning they were probably the original. Lastly, and probably the most dangerous, was the exhaust leak which filled the inside of the car, just under our feet. He showed me the puff of smoke coming from the hole, which made us furious. Besides from rust was everywhere our new friend replaced the timing belt and water pump. He cleaned out the water reservoir which had turned a deep dark brown as a result of the rust and sludge buildup so we could drive it back to the dealership and request our money back. This proved difficult, because they pulled the "As Is/No Warranty" card and that North Carolina does not have a lemon law. They were adamant that, by law, they owed me nothing. However, they said they would try and make things right. A few days later, Mr. Seaford called me and said he had a great deal for me. After making the mistake of telling him I could only afford about $275/month payment, offered me a 2014 Chevy Sonic, but the best he could do was $294/month, but that I was saving SOO MUCH because of the 0% interest for 72x months. Doing the math, this equates to over $21,000. Once again, I used USAA car buying service and typed in his dealership zip code. This same car, in stock on the Bleeker Chevrolet car lot, listed on USAA with an MSRP of $18,400. After incentives and savings, the car came to a dealer estimated sale of $16,600. I called Bleeker twice and spoke to two different staff members (Jose-internet manager/Dan-Salesman) to confirm I could drive the car off the lot for about $17,600 to $18,000. They agreed and tried to get an appointment with me. I went back to Bleeker to speak with John Seaford again to ask why, given all variables the same, I was being asked to pay such a high amount. He started by saying the USAA listed MSRP was incorrect, and produced his own sheet allegedly depicting the 2014 Chevy Sonic MSRP. I told him the numbers did not match, as he could see, but he insisted that his number were accurate. He then said a cleaning fee of $1000 comes with every vehicle off his lot, and that I would be sharing some of the burden of the broken down 2000 Ford Taurus. I said that none of this made any sense, but he showed me a computer screen with numbers on it insisting the price was correct. I ended up purchasing the vehicle for what he asked for $294, but after speaking with friends and family, soon realized how I had been fooled once again. Not only did they not assume any responsibility for selling me a dangerous vehicle, they rolled the cost of the original loan of $3000 or so into the new loan... I will never go back to this dealer and would urge others to steer clear. Also, ensure the MSRP is accurate on the USAA certificate when going to any dealership and don't back down as easily as I did. I'd like to sue this guy and his dealership, but I am out of time, money and patience.


If this is not the forum or area to provide this type of feedback, please correct me and tell me where I need to send this to. I was told by USAA to provide feedback, so this was the only place I thought to go. Thanks in advance. James


Thank you for sharing your experience and providing feedback. If you would like, you can also complete this form with the information you have provided to ensure USAA is aware of your negative experience with this dealership. Thank you again for posting.

Have you contacted the BBB to leave a detailed complaint regarding this auto dealership?

If I was a potential customer but not a USAA member, I wouldn't necessarily see your posting on a USAA forum, but I would be likely to check out a company's BBB reputation.