Need Assistance


I was offered extended vehicle protection with a quote on Sept. 21, 2018.  The quote expires on November 4, 2018.  I tried to purchase the insurance today, but was told by USAA that the program is not offered anymore.  However, my wife spoke to a USAA representative last week who said although it's not offered anymore our quote would be honored and we would be grandfathered into the program.  I was on the phone this morning for over 45 minutes with several representatives who said I could not purchase the insurance.  My last call was with Sandy from your executive resolution team.  About a minute into the call with Sandy the line was disconnected.  Sandy did not call back but I did leave her a voice mail.  Can someone from USAA help me?  When USAA offers a quote is it not legally binding? 


@Need Assistance, thanks for your post about the EVP product.  If you obtained this quote prior to 10/13/18, you should be able to purchase this online. Simply login, go to the Products tab > then choose Extended Vehicle Protection (EVP) then select View Quotes to proceed online.  If the quote was after this date, it would no longer be active. If you have any difficulty with this, please call us back at 800-531-8722.


Were you able to purchase the warranty?  I had two quotes saved and was getting ready to buy them, but they had cancelled program on the previous Friday and would not honor my quotes.