I purchased a new car and looked at the EVP plans USAA offered.  I don't generally buy an extended warranty but since USAA acted as intermediary and the price for the warranty wrap plan was only ~$450 I purchased it. 


Reading the documents from Assurant Solutions, which are rife with spelling and grammatical errors, I found the plan to be essentially useless.   Particularly concerning is that USAA represents the rental car provision to be effective if the car requires a warranty repair but the documents require a non-warranty repair after a breakdown covered by the EVP.  Frankly the entire value to me would be the rental car provided when the car is in for service.  It simply doesn't provide that even though I specifically asked if it did. 


I find the EVP to be worthless to me.  I got a Hybrid Honda Accord and the EVP excludes the batteries.   The list of exclusions, which it seems was written by those transmission beating monkeys from TV a few years ago after they finished law school, is laughable. 


Of course I'll be canceling the agreement for a full refund, but USAA should be embarrased to be affiliated with these companies. 


If you're really worried about your electric window motors they might be a good thing, but frankly you're probably better keeping it un a USAA savings account in case you need the money for car repairs. 


Dear 727,

Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts on the EVP from Assurant solutions. I have passed this feedback along to be reviewed by the appropriate department. Thank you again for posting.

I cancelled the EVP,   USAA added a second EVP and added it to my loan and charged me for doc stamps.   What are you people doing there?   I've never seen such incompetence before. 


I have nothing kind to say about USAA at all.  

USAA has finally corrected all their errors related to this car loan.   It took several telephone calls from the executive resolution staff who frankly aren't any better than the front line staff. 

Dear 727,

Thank you for keeping us updated. I am glad to hear that the errors have been corrected, but have passed along your sentiment about the treatment you received from the executive resolutions team.