I'm not a fan of extended warranties, but, if you need a car repair that's out of manufacturers warranty and if you plan on keeping the car for an extended period of time...probably not a bad idea...especially at USAA's pricing.  I own a car with a very expensive Lexico


Hi Jake, read all fine print on the vehicle warranty plans, often times they are quite expensive and honestly not worth it. Think, you pay lets say 2,000-2,500 for a plan, what are the chances you are going to recoup that amount, especially given the specific circumstances in which they will cover a repair. You're better off taking that money and saving it for the off chance something goes wrong with your vehicle, than you are buying these plans that call for the sun, moon and stars to align......this coming from someone who has purchased these plans, for two vehicles, to the tune of 4k and did not get any use out of either. Waste in my opinion, but I am not you brother, so do you, just wanted to share an alternative thought. Take care.

n sound system.  Recently the Amplifier needed replacing...over $3,000...USAA's extended warranty paid it.  At least in this case I not only recouped my initial investment of about $1,400...it saved me over $1, 600, out of pocket. 

I'm about to purchase a '19 Forester and went looking for this service and I'm bummed out that it isn't offered. I purchased the offered USAA plan for my '14 Elantra which was really nice as it flushed out the bumper to bumper to the mfg's duration on the engine/tranny... which means 10yrs/100k.  


At one time USAA even offered their spin on a Home Warranty but dropped that rather quickly.  Leaving us in the clutches of American Shield and Old Republic.


I would pay more than I did for the Elantra's warranty, meaning (to me) USAA has profit left on the table.  Please come back to the table!!




@ TX Aggie SE , thank you for the feedback. It is appreciated. If we do offer this once again, we will be sure to update here in the Member Community. I do not have any new information on when that will be. We appreciate your membership and value your opinion. ~ Suzy

My experience is signficantly different than the individual who didn't recommend extened warranties.  I purchased the Assusrant 36 month plan for my Audi R8 for $4000.00.  Like any warranty company, Assurant tries to limit their pay outs, so use a reputable repair facility to negotiate on your behalf.  To date they have covered several issues with my car: Magnetic Suspension: $8000.00, Leaking valve covers $800, Fuel tank leak $1000, Oil housing leak, $1500, High pressure fuel pumps $1500.  So they covered $12,800 in repairs.  Sad we can't access their discounted rates through USAA.  I was going to add two more years for another $4000.  Time to sell the car and move to Navy Federal.  

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us today @ F for Auto Claims. I will be sure to share with the appropriate area. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members in the future. -Emily

i will allways have an EVP on every oneof my vehicles. just because you got lucky and ended up not using yours doestn mean someone else wont find them incredibly useful. I paid about $1,300 for my plan and a few months after purchase my A/C compressor went out and had to be replaced at $1,500. I sold the car a couple of years later at about the halfway point in my warranty and received a refund of almost half the cost. so in all i only paid about $650 which means I saved around $850 for havign the plan.

I cant believe they have also dropped GAP ins.....as bad as car dealers screw everybody, this would be a must to cover any total loss.  I learned first hand to never go without GAP.  Our 4 mo old car got totaled and usaa paid THOUSANDS less that what i had left on the loan so i had topay out of pocket to pay the loan off. My own fault for not having GAP at the time, but i thought usaa would have done me better. Even the "settlement" from unisured motorist coverage that caused the accident is a joke , concidering 6 mo later i'm still upside down in the situation and i'm being told by usaa to take the settlement or the offer will decrease.... been with usaa 20 years, hate to take my buisness elswhere but loan rates are too high, no additional coverage options, car buying site is a joke, ins coverge and loss issues have me very unhappy with usaa.  

Hello @Azzaryin, I have forwarded your information to a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will be in contact with you. -Colleen

No need for GAP if you have USAA car insurance. Get their new car policy that allows you to have a car one year newer than the car you own in the event of a total loss. Takes care of GAP in most cases