So when I purchased my car at the end of my lease, I financed with USAA and got an exteded warranty managed by Assurant. Over the life of that warranty I had service done a few times and I have to say I was very impressed. The issues were all covered, I had no deductable and I got a rental car with ease. Even the dealer told me I had a great warranty and was surprised I had no deductible. He said he had never dealt with a warranty company that was so easy to work with. So, at the end of my warranty period I was very, very upset to hear that USAA no longer offered extended warranties. I am not sure why but I really hope that it is brought back soon. USAA seems to have taken a wrong turn somewhere recently and they seem to keep heading in the wrong direction. Back in the day, when insurance companies tried to get me to switch to them all i had to say was I have USAA and they used to say, "Oh, sorry to waste your time." Now it seems like I might be able to get better rates somewhere else. Sadly, I am starting to lose faith in USAA. Hopefully they can turn this around but I feel like it's getting close to too late. Maybe I am alone here but i'd love to hear other's opinions. I do want to add that the one thing about USAA that has not changed since I joined is the fact that their customer service reps are always helpful and kind. I have never once had a bad experience with one of them. On the contrary, they always seem to go above and beyond to help and always know or find the right information to answer my questions. So kudos to them on that! Please keep that up!


Thank you for this feedback regarding the warranty.  I have submitted this for further review.  We appreciate the opportunity to look into this.