Exposing USAA for Car Insurance Loopholes

USAA has a one system response and because of what they did to me and people like me, we should band together and submit our complaints through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they publish it to their database. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/

Over a simple $12, they moved to cancel an entire 6 month prepaid policy for auto insurance and immediately demand payment right up front for an entire additional six months.

This was because when the application is initially completed for auto insurance coverage, USAA pre-selects "Safe Pilot" as part of the discounted coverage. As part of this agreement, you have to allow an app to track your driving. If you do not comply, they rescind the discount and while it may look small, they will cancel the policy if you do not pay the difference.

With my budget, I was not able to come up with the funds to immediately pay for another 6 month premium.

I was not really aware of what was going on until I got a letter stating my coverage was terminated. USAA left my family unprotected while driving a pregnant wife and two small children around places.

So I intend to band together with other service members and veterans and continue to file complaints through CFPB. Obtaining consumer products goes well beyond just typical disclosure agreements. We are human beings and when you make continuous darastic decisions that effect us with no remedy, this company ought to be exposed.

USAA will do nothing to solve your problem. Go through the CFPB.
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@Flying Rocker, thanks for reaching out in Community. I can certainly understand your concerns with your policy. I am escalating your concerns so that we may have an opportunity to address them. Once reviewed you will be contacted directly. Thank you. -Cynthia