Can USAA give me a reason why my daughter's auto insurance rates are increasing despite no recent accidents or traffic violations?  The USAA representative she spoke with gave her some song and dance about rates changing because *other people* are having more accidents.  Is this some kind of socialist plot that USAA is promoting?


@Romulus- Hi, while I can't speak to another member's account. Rates are on the rise, even for those with no accident or tickets. This link explains some considerations that are made when a premium is calculated,

@USAA - Rates are on the rise???? I thought that we were getting a "break" on our premiums because of the pandemic and people weren't driving as much, etc.     Will every member see their rates go up to offset the "premium breaks" we just received?     Just a thought.


P.S.   Just got my mom's renter's insurance - how does that go up 25%?  And my daughter's renter's insurance went up 40%?   I can't wait to see what our auto and homeowner's insurance rates will be.    We all live in different states and not all of our states suffer from natural disasters - it gets a little tiring to hear "well your state rates went up, blah, blah, blah without any definitive numbers to back up the rate increases". 

Shop around.  USAA rates can easily be beaten.  I left USAA after 40 years for a significant savings.