Experience with USAA recommended third-party vendor

Hello fellow USAA members. The follwing is taken from a Google review (can be seen athttps://www.google.com/maps/place/Safelite+AutoGlass/@33.[removed sensitive data],-84.[removed sensitive dat...) I completed after having my 2015 Mercedes E400 broken into at my wife's job. As the windshield is the only glass covered under the policy, I was forced to pay out of pocket for a replacement and went with the same company to which USAA would have sent me. I only wish that I had looked around more before using this facility. This feedback should be seen as a cautionary for luxury car owners; your specific experience may be different.


"The glass and the price were fine but the service definitely left much to be desired. Wife’s car was broken into at her job. Vandals broke the driver’s side glass, removed the glass and accessed the trunk by leaning in and actuating the button. I checked with my insurer and found that they use/recommend SafeLite for repairs. I figured since my deductible was more than the retail cost, I would pay out of pocket (windshields are covered, side glass isn’t). I scheduled the appt, dropped the car off and waited for its repair; this is where it all went wrong. Upon pick up, I checked to ensure the window went up and down as before but failed to realize that now the door wouldn’t lock. I called the technician who handled the installation who told me to bring it back and that they would take care of it. The following morning, I did just that. After about 4 hours, I got a call from the manager telling me that there was nothing that they could do because the interior frame was riveted shut (specific to Mercedes brand). At the frustratingly disappointing 2d pick up, he suggested that I take it to a Benz dealership to see what they could do to fix the actuator. I told him that “had I wanted to pay dealer prices for glass, I would have gone there to begin with.” Though very courteous, the staff greatly disappointed me. My wife now rides around with a door that could be opened at any Atlanta traffic light by anyone intent on doing her harm. The bottom line: IF YOU OWN A LUXURY VEHICLE, BEWARE TAKING IT TO SAFELITE FOR GLASS REPLACEMENT!!! And don’t believe it when they say that the $17.99 service fee is to “vacuum the interior and get rid of any remaining glass.” I’m STILL finding shards of the glass the criminals took out and placed next to the car when they broke into the car (see pic). USAA should DEFINITELY reconsider using this company to service its clients. We who have served this nation deserve far better from those who take our hard-earned money with little regard for the quality of their service!!"

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Thank you for your service and USAA membership @504FutbolFan.  We certainly get your frustrations about the experience you had with a vendor in repairing/replacing your vehicle's side window.  I am forwarding your experience to the appropriate teams to further review your feedback as it is important to us in bettering USAA's future products and services.  Were you able to fully repair your vehicle? ~Marco

Hi Marco. No, I have not. I found that not only had the criminals broken the glass but also damaged the B-pillar trim which ajoins the door frame. My wife now works an hour away since being demoted because she can no longer do the job she'd been doing for over 3 decades following 2 back surgeries related to the accident we reported to USAA on 2 May of last year. Now forced to accept a lower waged, 5 day a week administrative position leaves very little time (or money for that matter) to schedule repairs during the week. It's all but impossible to plan something like that as she now works the same daily business hours as do the dealership's shop.

I can certainly understand your position, @504FutbolFan. As my colleague stated, we are engaging the Glass team for further support on this matter as we speak. I would also recommend connecting with our claims team at 800-531-8722 or by filing a regular auto claim on USAA.com/Claims since you discovered other damage. ~ Steven