I admit that the USAA car buying service is a good tool, but not all the dealers will comply with the USAA car buying service specifically Ford Windward in hawaii. They lure you to take things called X-plan and tell you that this is better than USAA, later they offer a Horrible interest rate  ( i got a 5.9% with exelent credit) USAA offered me a 3.5% but i was lured to take fords dealer offer due to the fact i was offered the X-plan. I never was able to print our a certificate to walk in the dealer the dealer deleted the vehicle I was interested so i couldnt do anything from USAA car buying service., At the end my experience became a nightmare. How could USAA deny their dealer agreements? or not included them as a certified /friendly dealer



Oh no Paul, this is definitely not the experience we want our members to have. I was able to locate your profile information and will share these details with a subject matter expert. Thank you.