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I requested to speak to the executive team member Because of an issue I'm having with the repairs of my new 2018 Power Wagon. That was the worst mistake I ever made. I spoke with Melinda out of the executive team and she was frustrated that I even spoke with her about this matter. she said that whatever the claims department is doing is what goes so it sounds like in order to get promoted to the executive team through USAA you have to hate soldiers and you have to be very rude. USAA does not like when us members bother their management team. No wonder why they're becoming one of the worst insurance companies but like they told me a while ago they have two many members as it is to deal with us. So if you're having difficulties with any Department you just got to suck it up and not contact management or they will get mad at you.


Leave USAA now and never look back!!  Stuart Parker call me!!!  No way that will happen.

@Bigbb, please see our response to your previous message at your convenience. -Emily

Melinda in the Executive team took the time to address and rectify the problem. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you Melinda, Matt and Steve (my claims adjuster) for going out of your way to help me.

@chiefan I am glad we were able to address your concerns. If you need anything else moving forward please feel free to reach out to us. ~ Charles