Exclusion of spouse with a suspended license

I have recently tried buying a car and have been trying to get a policy as I have been a member from my active duty time. My wife currently has a suspended license and will not be on the car at all. I contacted 3 different agents two of which ( charles and lindsey ) said that I needed to talk to underwriting, and they would forward the request and also manager callbacks. I found out from the third individual I called, that there was no record of charles or lindsey requesting these. I asked to speak to an underwriter as they could help me with an exclusion clause for my spouse on the policy. So my self and stepdaughter can be insured on the potential car. I was put on hold and then after a couple of minutes the representative came back on and said underwriting would not talk to me as they were not getting involved. Does USAA not partake in exclusion policies? I have been a loyal member for many years and all It seems is that I am getting the run around and starting to feel like USAA would like me to take my membership and go somewhere else. I simply want an auto policy for my self and my stepdaughter as a named driver with an exclusion clause listing my wife, which will be amended after her license is reinstated. Is this possible are do I have to move on to a different company.


Your concerns are important to us, Gc_k9. I have submitted your feedback and inquiry for further review. A member of our team will review this request and reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. -Vanessa