Excellent car loan rates!!

I recently applied within minutes on line for a car loan with USAA and I could not be happier! I received an excellent rate and walked into a car dealership a few hours after my loan was approved online with full confidence and negotiating power!! The car salesmen could not believe the rate I received (1.89%) to purchase a 2020 used vehicle and it truly took them off guard that I was so prepared. They could not come close to this rate with their in house financing. I highly encourage you to explore a car loan with USAA before purchasing your next vehicle. It gave me a serious leg up on my recent car purchase and I could not be more pleased . Thank you.
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Dear @jencarroll


Thank you very much for sharing your recent experience about your auto loan! We love to hear stories like this. We appreciate your trust in USAA. Congratulations on your new car! - Jesse